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Product Description

PM The Color Paul Mitchell the color is the only low-ammonia permanent cream hair color with a natural beeswax base that's formulated for superior gray coverage while providing outstanding vibrancy, condition and shine.
Reliable Results - Ensures efficinet, consistant formulation by automatically taking the dominant pigment into condideration within two levels of lift or deposit, while scalp-to-ends application provides quick and predictable results.
Intermixable Shades - Choose from a full spectrum of intemixable colors, highlift colors, and Ultra Toners, all with a creamy consistency that's ideal for creative formulations.
Specially designed to be predictable and easy to use, Paul Mitchell the color helps you fulfill you creative vision every time.
Vibrancy and Shine - A leader in ingredient innovation, Paul Mitchell the color combines low ammonina, a natural beeswaz base and our unque ChromaLuxe technology to provide healthy , long lasting color with increased shine, condition and managability.

Paul Mitchell shampoos and other Paul Mitchell products provide some of the best hair care that you are likely to find outside of a very exclusive salon. Products include hair dryers and irons, hair care and body care, and hair care products.

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