Global Keratin Hair Taming System With Juvexin Curly 10.1 Oz

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Product Description

Global Keratin Treatment with Juvenix for Curly Hair is formulated to straighten the hair and leave it shiny, silky and more manageable. The Strawberry Keratin treatment is specifically formulated as a revitalizing and rejuvenating Keratin treatment that eliminates frizz and curls (similar to the Brazilian Treatment) Global Keratin includes Juvenix, a naturally derived protein similar to the structure of hair, which bonds to the surface and penetrates strands. All of this incredible straightening with a pleasant Strawberry fragrance.

Product Details:
Can be used on all hair types
For Curly hair, natural or color treated
Includes Juvenix, a naturally derived protein
Keratin straightening treatment
20 – 25 applications
Blocks the effects of humidity
Eliminates frizz and curl
Promotes healing of hair
Straightens and smooths hair infusing natural keratin
Strawberry fragrance
2% Formaldehyde

Pre Treatment:
This is a great tip that we had to pass on to all Global Keratin Treatment users! About a week before you have the Global Keratin treatment use the Maijan Pure Organic Argan Oil deep conditioning oil treatment on your hair. This will help prevent breakage and keep your hair healthy pre and post treatment. The Maijan Argan Oil conditioning treatment can be used pre and post Global Keratin treatment.

Step 1: Gently shampoo your hair twice with the Global Keratin Clarifying Shampoo to remove excess styling products and build-up and to help open the cuticle. For virgin hair or resistant hair types wash hair 3 times with the Global Keratin Clarifying Shampoo.

Step 2: Towel dry hair to remove excess moisture. Detangle the hair with a wide tooth comb or Global Keratin Vent Brush. Section hair into 3 parts.

Step 3: Wear protective clothing before applying the treatment. Wearing gloves, shake the product well before opening and pour 1 oz of our keratin treatment in the Global Keratin application bowl adjusting amount of product used according to the length and thickness of the hair. Start at the nape using ¼ inch to ½ sections, lightly apply the product into the hair with your finger tips or Global Keratin Application Brush. Comb through with the Global Keratin Fine Tooth Comb for even distribution and to remove excess product. Do not over saturate the hair with keratin treatment. If hair becomes too dry, moisten with water using spray bottle. Avoid contact with scalp, skin, and eyes. Note: Make sure the entire hair shaft is completely covered with our keratin treatment.

Step 4: Use the Global Keratin round brush to blow dry your hair straight. For best results, use a round ion ceramic brush and a blow dryer on medium heat setting. This will help start the sealing process of the cuticle. Start blow drying your hair at the nape area working your way up until all the hair is 100% dry.
Note: Always point the blow dryer away from your face. Make sure the hair is completely dry before proceeding to the ironing.

Step 5: Remove your gloves. For the ironing process you will need a titanium flat iron that reaches 450 degrees (be careful to choose the right temperature), you can use the Global Keratin Titanium Flat Iron to get the best results. Starting at the nape, create ¼ inch sections of hair. You can use the Global Keratin Shark Clips to hold the hair. Tap the roots and slowly slide the flat iron from roots to ends. Be careful not to burn the scalp or ears. For hard to reach areas, use the Global Keratin Mini Flat Iron. Continue this process until all of the hair has been ironed. With repeated iron passes over each section, your hair will be sealed with a silky, shiny and straight look. Use your judgment to determine how many passes are needed with the flat iron.

Step 6: Do not shampoo hair for 48 hours and do not restrain hair with accessories or apparel.

Do’s During the First 2 Days
- Blow dry and smooth with flat iron at medium to high heat right away if hair happens to get wet.
- Wear your hair down at all times.
- Use Global Keratin Functional Keratin Hair Taming System Shampoo and Conditioner

Don’ts During the First 2 Days
- Don’t wash your hair
- Don’t wear hair in a ponytail or use clips, bobby pins or hair braids
- Don’t participate in any activity that may cause you to sweat
- Don’t use styling products

Global Keratin makes available the products, training and the tools that are essential to your hair needs. Inquire with your stylist for Global Keratin products the next time you visit the salon.

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